Susi's Station Notes: Lots is Going On!

Mar 15, 2013

General Manager Gary Reid accepts the Michigan Public Television Station of the Year award.
Credit Susi Elkins

There's lots to like during this wild and wonderful week here at WKAR. On Wednesday I was pleased to be with members of our staff at the Michigan Association of Broadcasters annual awards. Three of our television programs (Off the Record, BackStage Pass and Beneath the Pines) received awards, as did two WKAR Radio features.

I was also honored to have one of our station billboards recognized, which was produced by grad student Ben Rickert. Every week I go out in the field with Luke Schwarzweller (pictured here, who took over billboards after Ben left). Luke came through MSU's College of Communication Arts and Sciences TISM program and has worked production at WKAR throughout his student years. We record these station segments that appear between programs at lots of fun locations in mid-Michigan and at MSU. It was fun having Luke with us at the event, and I think we're both hoping that next year, he'll be accepting the award!

Jon Whiting, Mike Mihalus, Gary Reid, Luke Schwarzweller, Susi Elkins and Tim Elkins at the MAB Awards.

But wait! There's more! WKAR-TV was recognized for the fifth time as Michigan Public Television Station of the Year. This is a tremendous honor for our staff as a whole, because this award recognizes not only what you see on television but what we do in terms of community engagement and events, our screenings and our Ready To Learn Service. It's a tremendous honor and one our entire staff can celebrate.

As this is posted, I am at PBS headquarters to learn more about PBS Learning Media and how WKAR can become more involved with this valuable service. You'll hear more about it soon! (Thanks, PBS, for covering our expenses!)