Susi's Station Notes: Happy Graduation!

May 3, 2013

There's always a lot of green here at Michigan State University, but today we are seeing much more of it! And I'm not just talking about the trees, which are beginning to show their Spartan colors, or the flowers that are at long last bursting.

Students from MSU's College of Communication Arts & Sciences will be graduating today -- Friday, May 3. We can't help but notice caps and gowns and plenty of Spartan spirit.

For those of us at WKAR it is both a joyful and bittersweet day. It's joyful in the fact that these kids have worked hard during their time at MSU and now are moving on to new careers, many of which will be in the broadcasting and media industry. They have been well trained and their future is bright.

But it's bittersweet, too. Here at WKAR we work with dozens of students in many areas at the station. When you watch BackStage Pass or Off the Record, chances are likely that a good deal of that camera work was done by WKAR's students. They help in a variety of ways during production, but also in our offices. There's a good chance you have spoken with one on the phone if you contacted our membership office.

The truth is, we depend on these kids a lot. We've watched them go from learning the ropes to having a pretty good handle on what those ropes are, and helping the younger students who are joining their ranks. They keep us young and often make us laugh. We love to see them grow, but we also know how much they will be missed.

So on behalf of all of us here at WKAR, I want to offer a "hat's off" to our graduating students. We wish them all the best and brightest opportunities in the new world ahead.