Susi's Station Notes: Got a Clunker?

Sep 13, 2013

Every now and then, I think we all get the urge to get a new vehicle. We may have outgrown our old one with expanding families (that's what happened to the Elkins car!). Or, our old car may just be on its last legs -- or wheels.

Condition doesn't matter! We'll take it -- old or broken beyond repair is fine!

Sometimes, we just want something new and shiny, something that has that wonderful "new car" smell.

Often we'll think of selling that old car. But before you do, stop and think about donating it to WKAR.

Every month we receive a check from the folks at Car Talk Vehicle Donation because someone like you decided to donate their car to WKAR. It's really simple. Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services will arrange to pick up your car. They'll send us the check and you will receive a tax receipt -- one that will come in very handy next winter when you are tabulating your tax deductions.

We recently heard from a member who donated his vehicle to WKAR. "The process was a piece of cake," he told WKAR's Betsy Rueckert. "It was convenient to just make the call, remove the plates and basically be done with it," he said.

Visit Car Talk Vehicle Donation and remember -- there are lots of ways to support WKAR. This is one that benefits us both!