Susi's Station Notes: Education Services at WKAR

Jun 29, 2012

I have two kids – they’re 8 and 11, and like every kid, they want to watch TV. You’d think, given that both my husband and I have spent our careers in television, that this would be fine with us, but that’s not always the case.

It’s not that television is bad – in fact, I’m pretty proud of the fun and educational programming on WKAR.  The challenge is making sure they have plenty of time to play, read and interact with other children too.  Today’s digital media environment makes that surprisingly difficult at times.  The good news is that when used appropriately, television and other forms of media can be excellent learning tools.  That’s what WKAR’s Ready To Learn Service is all about.

Ready To Learn is based on the concept of a learning triangle – view a program, read a related book and do a related activity.  View.  Read.  Do.  This offers balance and allows your kids to watch a program like “Cyberchase,” “Word Girl,” “Arthur” or “Curious George” and pick up the lessons that are fun and entertaining.

By reading a book on that topic – let’s say the program dealt with animals; then you’d read a book about an animal. The activity could involve visiting the zoo, a pet store, or even organizing the neighborhood animals for a pet parade! During this activity time, your child is interacting with you and quite possibly others, while learning more about the world of animals.

The fun thing about this is that it works with almost every subject – music, science, math, history or even family life!

To get tips from RTL to help families be critical and informed media users, or learn about our other Educational Services, contact Beany Tomber at (517) 432-9527 or email