Susi's Station Notes: BackStage Pass

Jun 22, 2012

This is a busy week for WKAR-TV! On Thursday, I went over with some of our staff to check in on the set-up for BackStage Pass at East Lansing’s Hannah Community Center.  I’m really proud of our team for all the work they’re doing to stage the show in this new venue.

We’re excited about next week’s performances. Home Again will feature alt-country and Domestic Problems are returning to East Lansing for the first time in more than a decade. Howling Diablos just won five Detroit Music Awards and Silent Lapse is our first metal band. We’re hoping to give them all a rousing BackStage Pass welcome! There are still free seats available – you can order them right HERE!

A few people have asked why we are moving the show to Hannah, and the answer is simple. If you were at any of the performances in Studio A, you know we had limited seating. Now we can open up the tapings to a bigger audience! And, we like being out in our community, which is another reason why we’ll also be recording at the Old Town jazz and blues festivals and the Mosaic Festival.

So, keep looking for us – and remember, we’d love to see you next Tuesday and Wednesday at BackStage Pass!