Susi's Station Notes: August Pledge Nearing Conclusion

Aug 9, 2013

We'll be wrapping up WKAR's summer membership campaign on Monday, August 12 with two terrific specials -- the popular The British Beat and the mellow Gloria Estefan: The Standards.

Gloria Estefan

But these two specials are far from the only ones we have over the next few days -- on Friday, celebrate the sounds of the 1960s girl-groups with '60s Girl Grooves.

Saturday we'll offer Daniel O'Donnell from the Heartland and Ed Sullivan's Top Performers.

Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks as "Foyle" and "Sam"

Fans of Rick Steves, Elvis and Broadway may spend the day by the television on Sunday. And at 9, we'll have a preview of the new season of Foyle's War and a look behind the scenes of this popular Masterpiece Mystery! drama.

Of course, the reason we have these special opportunities is that we rely on your support for a significant -- and I do mean significant -- portion of our budget. In other words, you make it possible.

If you think you might miss your favorite show but want to take advantage of the special thank you gifts that accompany each program, you may GIVE NOW right here!

And no matter the amount of your gift, thank you for your support of WKAR.