Support for changes in MI tax policy grows after poll

A recent poll shows more support for increasing Michigan's income and sales taxes after those surveyed had a chance to learn more about the state's economic challenges. Public television stations across Michigan--including WKAR-TV--will broadcast a program about the survey Monday night at 9 pm.

Social scientist James Fishkin is the creator of "deliberative" polling. He oversaw the event that is featured in PBS' "Hard Times, Hard Choices."

"Support for increasing the income tax rose from 27% to 44%," he explained. "And support for increasing the sales tax rose from 36% to 51%."

Deliberative polling differs from conventional polls by recording opinions after participants discuss the issues with people of different backgrounds and points of view. Another report on "Hard Times, Hard Choices" airs Monday morning on 90.5/WKAR's "Morning Edition."