Superintendents Blast Education Budget

Jul 1, 2014

Michigan schools begin their new budget year Tuesday.

  As The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher reports, some local superintendents are urging lawmakers to return from their summer breaks to boost education funding.

Governor Rick Snyder signed a new education budget last week that boosts funding for all public schools by at least 50 dollars per student. But Forest Hills Schools Superintendent Dan Behm says districts face new costs that wipe out that minimum increase.

“Over half-a-million children will receive less money next year than they did this year,” he says.  “And that impacts our classrooms. And that’s unacceptable in a time of budget surplus.”

Only the state’s highest-funded schools – like Forest Hills – will receive the minimum $50 per student increases. Schools with the lowest amount of funding will get up to $175 more per student.

A spokesperson for Governor Snyder wasn’t able to comment on whether some schools will see overall decreases when new costs are factored in.