Subcommittee To Review Fireworks Law

Aug 13, 2012

An ad hoc state House workgroup will review Michigan’s new fireworks law and could recommend some changes. The law allows licensed retailers to sell high-powered fireworks. 

The law also forbids local governments from banning fireworks on the day before, the day of, and the day after a national holiday.        

State Representative Harold Haugh is the author of the law and co-chairs the workgroup. Haugh says he’s open to tweaks in the law, but considers it a success, by and large.        

Haugh says some of the complaints he’s heard about the law exaggerate its effects.   

“The child injuries went up 300 percent – that was from two to six," Haugh says.  "And of the six that were injured, three of them were utilizing sparklers.  Now, those were legal last year.”          

Haugh says local governments can already enforce noise ordinances – even on the 30 days a year when fireworks cannot be banned. At least one state lawmaker has called for allowing local governments to ban selling or shooting high-powered fireworks.