A Styrofoam Spaceship? MSU Filmmaker Launches a Childhood Dream

Nov 28, 2012

As a young boy growing up in the Netherlands, Troy Hale once released a balloon with his name and address attached in hopes that someone, somewhere would find it.  No one ever did.  Now, decades later, he’s trying something like that again.

Hale is now a media specialist at Michigan State University.  On Thursday, he'll launch a homemade helium balloon outfitted with several digital cameras from a weather station in Pontiac.  He hopes to send it to 100,000 feet to document the experience of going into space.

Audio Pending...

Visit the project site at www.SpaceBalloon.cas.msu.edu

View live GPS tracking beginning approx. noon Thursday (11/29) at
MSU SpaceBalloon SPOT Shared Page