Students march on Capitol to protest budget cuts


Several hundred university students marched on the state Capitol Thursday to protest the loss of the Michigan Promise scholarship and proposed budget cuts to higher education. Earlier this week, state workers and nurses also rallied against budget cuts.

("higher education, higher priorities .)

Some students traveled as long as 10 hours from the Upper Peninsula to march on the Capitol. They waved the flags of each of the state's public universities.

Student organizers say they're here to urge lawmakers to make sure more higher education cuts are not part of the solution to the state's budget crisis.

"Fight for your rights, Michigan students!" (cheers )

Keely Czartorski of Detroit is a student at Wayne State University.

"Invest in us, Michigan, so we can invest in you! (cheers )

The state Senate has approved a higher education budget that cuts money for universities and community colleges by three percent. Governor Granholm has called for budgets with no cuts to higher education.