State Senate Approves Regional Transit Authority For Southeast Michigan

Nov 27, 2012

The state Legislature is a step closer to creating a regional transit authority for southeast Michigan. The state Senate passed the measure Tuesday.  

Credit WKAR File Photo

A unified public transit authority for Detroit and surrounding counties could lead to millions of federal dollars for projects.

Republican state Senator Tom Casperson sponsored the legislation. He’s from the Upper Peninsula. But he says better transit in southeast Michigan would boost the entire state’s economy.     

“There’s a lot of history behind this thing, and I think it’s monumental if we get this done," he says. "And I’m just excited that I’m a part of it.”

The legislation passed the Senate by ten votes, with most “no” votes coming from Republicans. Some opponents of the measure are worried about how the authority would be funded and governed. Others worry that it would have too much power.

The legislation now goes to the state House.