State Rep says it's time to start trusting

LANSING, MI – A member of the state House Appropriations Committee says his fellow Democrats have many concerns about big budget-cutting targets set by House Speaker Andy Dillon with Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop.

But Representative Fred Durhal says it's time for lawmakers to start trusting each other. And he says that includes trusting that the Senate will be open to vote for new revenue if the House is open to deep cuts.

"I think it's about time for us to be able to trust somebody - we can't keep this atmosphere going where folk don't trust one another," he says. "And I'm an optimist, even though I'm a vice-chair on two sub-committees on Appropriations. I attack it from the point of view where it's important for us dialogue open and keep talking about trying to get this thing straightened out."

Lawmakers have to straighten the budget out by October 1, when the next fiscal year begins.

Durhal appeared on Michigan public television's "Off The Record."