State Rep: repeat of '07 would be "absolute worst thing"

EAST LANSING, MI – A ranking Republican in the state House says legislative leaders in budget negotiations with Governor Granholm want to avoid a repeat of 2007's government shutdown.

State Representative Chuck Moss is vice chair of the House Appropriations Committee. He was in the Legislature during a five-hour shutdown in 2007 that resulted from a budget standoff. And he says it's critical to reach consensus to avoid a repeat predicament.

"I think the threat of a shutdown is enormously damaging," he says. "I think it's enormously irresponsible. And you know what? That was a stunt. That didn't need to happen."

Moss appeared on public television's "Off The Record."

Moss and other GOP leaders say the budget should be balanced with sweeping cuts to programs and no tax hikes. But Governor Granholm and Democrats say some new revenue is needed to avoid cutting college scholarships and health care.