State Police layoffs go ahead

LANSING, MI – More than 100 Michigan State Police troopers ended their shifts this past weekend by turning in their uniforms, badges, firearms, and other gear. They were laid off to save the state money and help retire a budget deficit.


The layoffs went forward after members of the troopers union voted last week against taking unpaid furlough days. In a statement, Governor Granholm said she regrets the layoffs, but had no choice but to make sweeping cuts to address a budget emergency. The layoffs are expected to save $1.7 million dollars. State Police Director Peter Munoz says there is no way the department can lose almost 10 percent of its troopers without reducing services. The troopers were assigned to road patrols, responding to crime scenes and 9-1-1 calls and taking complaints. One of the troopers was part of a crime investigation unit. The layoffs were based on seniority and it included the entire entire class of 82 troopers that graduated from the state police academy in 2008, and another 18 from the class of 2004.