State Leaders Question Plan To Divide Michigan’s Electoral Votes

Jan 29, 2013

A plan to split up Michigan’s electoral votes seems to be losing support from key Republican leaders in Lansing.

Credit WKAR File Photo

The Michigan Public Radio Network's Jake Neher has more.

Under the measure, Michigan’s Electoral College votes for president would be given out based on which candidate wins each congressional district.

State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville says the current winner-take-all system makes more sense.

“I think it makes Michigan a bigger, more important player,"  he says.  "And it also divides the state as to, we have one winner – not a winner and a kind of winner.”

Governor Rick Snyder also told Bloomberg TV he does not think this is the right time to consider the idea. He says it would be more appropriate right before the next census. That’s when the state re-draws its congressional districts.

Supporters of the plan say it would give people in some parts of the state a bigger voice.