State Lawmakers Look To Crack Down On Trophy Buck Poachers

Oct 28, 2013

State lawmakers are looking at ways to crack down on illegal trophy buck hunting in Michigan. A state House panel is expected to take up the legislation Tuesday.

We have more from The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher.

The bills would increase penalties for people who poach large bucks.

State Senator Tom Casperson says some hunters knowingly trespass onto private property to go after the deer.

“The people that wanted those trophy bucks felt that the consequences just weren’t high enough, and they didn’t care about the consequences, they’d rather get the buck,” he says.

The state Senate unanimously approved raising the penalties earlier this year. But the bills have since stalled in the state House.

Casperson says it’s important for lawmakers and the governor to approve the legislation before the firearm deer season begins next month.