State Lawmakers Halt Fetal Tax Exemption Bills

Nov 26, 2012

State lawmakers are not likely to move this year on a proposal to let people claim a fetus as a dependent on state taxes. 

Credit WKAR File Photo

A state House panel canceled a vote on the legislation Monday.

The agenda for this year’s lame duck session includes a number of contentious bills. But it looks like one of the most controversial issues has been scrapped – at least until next year.  

The bills would allow a fetus at least 12 weeks along to qualify as a dependent.

Opponents of the legislation say it’s a backhanded attack on access to abortions.

Jud Gilbert sponsored one of the bills and chairs the House Tax Policy Committee.

“I think the fact of the matter is how contentious it was, and there’s enough contentious things running around," he says. "I think that was primarily the motivation.”

Any bills not passed this year will die. But lawmakers could re-introduce them next year.