State House Republicans “Cautiously Skeptical” About Expanding Medicaid

Jan 30, 2013

If Governor Rick Snyder decides he wants to expand Medicaid in Michigan, state House Republicans say they might not be on board.

Credit WKAR File Photo

The Michigan Public Radio Network's Jake Neher has more.

State House Speaker Jase Bolger says he’s “cautiously skeptical” about the idea of expanding Medicaid. Under the federal Affordable Care Act, the state has to decide whether to let more people into the program. If it does, Washington will pay for the expansion for the first three years.

Bolger says he’s not yet convinced.

“The federal government has quite a history of dangling carrots and abandoning states and leaving them to pay for those things,” he says.

Governor Snyder says he wants to make sure health care providers in the state can handle an influx of hundreds-of-thousands of people into the program.

He’s expected to address his plans for a possible Medicaid expansion when he gives his budget proposal next week.