State House GOP unveils budget-balancing plan

LANSING, MI – State House Republicans unveiled their plan Wednesday to balance the state's budget by cutting spending by $1.4 billion. That number matches the Republican-controlled state Senate's target for cuts.

House Minority Leader Kevin Elsenheimer says deep program cuts are necessary to avoid raising taxes.

"The fact of the matter is if California can resolve a $25 billion shortfall, and not raise taxes, Michigan does not need to raise taxes to resolve a $1.76 billion shortfall," he says. "Raising taxes is a choice. It's a choice that some people in this town want to make. That is not a choice that we must make in order to resolve the budget."

The House Republican plan also matches Senate proposals to rollback funding for Medicaid and K-12 schools. Leaders from the GOP say they have not seen a budget plan from House Democrats.