State House Approves Bill To Modernize Horse Racing

Nov 12, 2012

There’s a new plan to help Michigan’s struggling horse tracks with a new way to make money. It would allow people to bet on races that have already been run.

The Michigan Capitol.
Credit File photo / WKAR

Players would place bets on a machine, which would randomly select a race from the past. The machine would then play video of the race on a screen.

Republican state Representative Kevin Daley says the measure would not expand gambling in the state.

“It’s basically just an extension of what they’re already doing at race tracks, in my opinion," Daley says. "They’re already using horse racing, they’re already betting on horse racing, and they’re just doing this through a machine.”

Daley admits some casinos in the state might be uneasy about video betting at horse tracks, as the machines look similar to slot machines. But Daley says the experience is very different.

The state House passed the bill last week with bi-partisan support.