State House Appropriations discusses horse race tracks

LANSING, MI – The state House Appropriations Committee began talking about the expansion of gambling in Michigan to draw more revenue to the state.

Representatives from the casino and gaming industry say the market could become too saturated if horse tracks are allowed to have casino-style gambling. They say casinos are competing for less business during the downturn in the economy.

And James Moffett from the Foundation for Traditional Values says there are moral issues to consider as well.

"The coarsening of our society will only be with the expansion of any kinds of casinos or gambling," he says. "This has been historically known as a vice, not a virtue; and when government is supporting these kinds of things, I do believe it contributes to the coarsening of our whole society, which creates further problems down the road."

But industry representatives say horse breeders are leaving the state because there aren't enough racetracks or opportunities.

The House Appropriations Committee could vote on expanded gambling at horse tracks next week.