State to close eight corrections facilities

Lansing (MI) – Lansing, MI (MPRN) - The state will close three prisons by the end of the year, including one maximum security prison in northern Michigan. The Department of Corrections will also close five minimum security prison camps.

It's all part of Governor Granholm's efforts to reduce corrections costs, which make up one-fifth of the state's discretionary spending. The administration estimates the cuts announced Friday will save taxpayers $120 million as the state battles a budget deficit.

John Cordell is with the state Department of Corrections. He says some of the savings are being put into strengthening programs for supporting and watching released inmates: "We're working with community partners. We've enhanced our supervision assets by adding parole officers, more GPS units, more radio frequency tether units, so we can adequately supervise these offenders who are out on the street."

Most of the facilities to be closed are in northern Michigan.