State Board of Education approves resolution for Gov/Legislature

LANSING, MI – The State Board of Education held an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis in K through 12 schools funding. Board members agreed unanimously to urge Governor Granholm and the Legislature to make major reforms to Michigan's tax structure and education system.

The board heard from economists who all agreed the state needs to completely alter the way it collects and spends money. State Superintendent Michael Flanagan and the other board members are calling for lawmakers to refocus energy on the state's education system, consolidate districts and find new revenue to reduce cuts to schools.

Phil Power is with The Center for Michigan. He told board members that the disorder Michigan is going through may help the Legislature become more effective, "because it will provoke, I hope, an end to neglect and negligence."

Economists and board members agreed a long-term solution will also need to include restructuring Michigan's tax system, since the School Aid Fund relies on money generated from sales taxes.