Specials on WKAR World

TV Specials this weekend on WKAR World feature health and fitness, music and more.

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Saturday Nov. 24 on WKAR World
Use Your Brain to Change Your Age
Psychiatrist Daniel Amen explains how to look and feel younger by improving the health of the brain.

The Blood Sugar Solution
"Diabesity" (obesity and diabetes) is discussed by Dr. Mark Hyman. Included: the underlying causes that drive the problem; seven keys to achieving wellness.

The Making of War Horse
Step behind the scenes of the powerful stage drama to see how the horse puppets work.

Sunday Nov 25 on WKAR World
Dr. Fuhrman's Immunity Solution
Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains how nutritional science can be used to supercharge the immune system and prevent disease. Included: the anti-cancer effects of "super foods"; recipes and food-preparation advice for preventing disease.

Doo Wop Discoveries
An all-new special featuring favorite artists of the '50s  and '60s in never-before-broadcast archival and new live performances.