Some MI House Democrats want Dillon to step down as Speaker

Some state House Democrats want House Speaker Andy Dillon to step down from his position if he plans to run for Governor.

Democratic state Representative Fred Miller sent a letter to Dillon that said the Speaker's ability to lead the House would be compromised while campaigning for governor. Miller says Dillon was afforded a lot of attention as Speaker of the House that allowed him to join the race. But he says the work a Speaker needs to do in the Legislature would be hurt if that person had their mind on a campaign.

Other Democratic lawmakers asked Dillon during a teleconference earlier in the week if he planned to step down from his leadership position. Insiders say he doesn't want to relinquish the title.

Other Democratic candidates for governor include state Representative Alma Wheeler Smith, state Senator Hansen Clarke, former state Representative John Freeman and former Michigan State University football coach George Perles.