Snyder Wants “Urban Pioneer” Immigration Visa

Jun 10, 2013

Governor Rick Snyder says he hopes a federal immigration overhaul will include more resident visas for people willing to settle in Detroit, Flint, and other cities that have lost population.

We have details from the Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta.

Michigan was the only state to lose population over the last decade and urban flight was a big part of that. Governor Snyder’s idea is to set aside some visas for people willing to live in urban areas that have suffered big population losses.

   “Get ‘em a green card so they can really homestead,” he says.

The governor says he’d like to present something soon to Michigan’s congressional delegation. He’d like it to be part of the debate in Washington about immigration reform. The governor has called for boosting the number of residency visas for investors, entrepreneurs, and high-tech workers. He says immigrants are more likely to start businesses and hire people.