Snyder Vetoes GOP-Backed Election Measures

Jul 3, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed bills sent to him by the Republican-led Legislature that would have required people to show a photo I-D, and affirm their U.S. citizenship by checking a box on a form before they could get an absentee ballot.

Governor Snyder also vetoed a measure that would require people and organizations to get state-ordered training before conducting voter registration drives.

The governor says the three measures would cause too much confusion when the state should work especially hard to make it possible for people to vote. Critics of the bills, especially Democrats, derided the measures as efforts to keep some people from voting.

The governor did sign other parts of the sweeping election reform package, including a new requirement to make ballot campaigns share a copy of their petitions with state elections officials before they gather signatures, and to make it easier to find out when a new political party is organizing.

But the vetoes also put the governor at odds with Republicans in the Legislature. House Speaker Jase Bolger quickly issued a statement expressing his disappointment in the vetoes.