Snyder: RTW Still Not On His Agenda

Nov 7, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder says he’d like to avoid re-visiting contentious issues like right-to-work and local government takeovers now that the 2012 election is over. 

Credit WKAR File Photo

Tuesday night was a split decision for the governor.

Voters rejected the emergency manager law, but they also said no to putting union protections in the state constitution. The governor says he warned union leaders against going to the ballot, but he doesn’t want to pick a new fight now that the 2012 election is in the history books.

“I think I’ve been pretty consistent that I don’t put right-to-work on my agenda," he says. "I don’t spend time dealing with right-to-work and my preference is not to deal with divisive issues.”

But the governor still won’t rule out signing a right-to-work bill if it’s sent to him.

The governor says he’s also adopting a wait-and-see attitude about enacting a new emergencv manager law now that voters have rejected the one he signed last year. He says an earlier version of the law is in effect, but that’s being challenged in court.