Snyder: RTW could sidetrack Legislature


Governor Rick Snyder said again Tuesday that he hopes the Legislature does not get caught up in a fierce debate on whether to outlaw compulsory union membership. The governor says it's in Michigan's interest to avoid the controversial labor issue also known as "right to work." Michigan Public Radio's Rick Pluta reports.

Governor Snyder cheered the recovery of the state's manufacturing sector as he toured the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Snyder has said before that a right to work debate would divide Michigan when it needs to be united behind efforts to fix the economy.

Now, the governor also says a fierce right to work debate could consume everyone's attention in Lansing and sideline other initiatives. He says that's been the experience in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

"We have a lot of other things on our agenda," he says. "Both things to wrap up from 2011 and things for 2012 that I think are more important."

The governor is preparing to outline his 2012 plans next week in his second State of the State address. Some Republicans want to force the question, and plan to roll out legislation soon to put right to work on the agenda this year.