Snyder names EM to run Highland Park schools


There are now half a dozen emergency local managers in Michigan. As Michigan Public Radio's Rick Pluta reports, the Highland Park school district is the latest local government to face a state takeover for failing to manage its finances.

Governor Rick Snyder agreed with a review team that the district is deep in debt with no credible plan for digging out of it. The district of has an 11 million dollar deficit and is down to fewer than a thousand students.

He named CPA Jack Martin to be the emergency manager. Martin says there is no way to stabilize the district's finances without reversing the trend of families and students bailing out of Highland Park.

"If there's no students, then there's no way you can possibly fix this problem," he says.

Martin will supplant the superintendent and the school board under a year-old state law that's being challenged in court and, possibly, on the November ballot.

There are now six local governments - including the Detroit school district adjacent to Highland Park - being run by state-appointed managers.