Snyder Might Sign Voter ID Bill

Jul 12, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder says he’s open to re-visiting three controversial elections bills he vetoed recently.

Democrats cheered and Republicans fumed when Governor Snyder vetoed legislation to require people to show a state-issued ID and affirm their U.S. citizenship to get an absentee ballot. The governor also vetoed a measure to require state training for anyone who wants to register voters.

Geralyn Lasher is the governor’s communications director.

“There were some specific items that he just felt needed to be corrected and, if they stood as they were, he wouldn’t be able to sign the bills,” she says.

But Lasher says he is open to re-fashioning the legislation.

Republican leaders in the Legislature say they’re looking to see if they can craft new legislation that the Governor would support. Democrats and progressive groups say they wish the governor would let his vetoes stand as his final word on the matter.