Snyder: Locals Should Not Expect State Funding to Help with Election Cost

Jul 20, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder says local governments in the 11th congressional district should not expect the state to help cover the costs of a special primary to replace Congressman Thad McCotter. The cost is pegged at about $650,000.

The state set the special primary for September 5th – almost a month following the regular primary date of August 7th.  That’s because McCotter resigned too late to have coordinated elections. Even though that replacement will serve no more than a few weeks, state officials say election laws, the U.S. Constitution and a court ruling left them no choice but to fill the seat.

Governor Snyder says the timing is unfortunate, but the state budget is done and does not include money for special elections. 

“It created a difficult environment," he says. "I think it could be difficult for the state to look at that as an issue because, again, that would be an appropriation.”

And that would require the approval of the Legislature which is scheduled to meet just one day between now and the special primary. The governor says local governments should also not look to the state to *reimburse* them for their expenses.