Senate Dems unveil plan to pay for all MI graduates' college tuition


Senate Democrats at the state Capitol say students who graduate from high school in Michigan should have their tuitions paid for if they go to colleges in the state. As Michigan Public Radio's Laura Weber reports, the Democrats unveiled their education plan Thursday.

Under the plan, all students who grow up in Michigan and graduate from high school in the state would be eligible for a grant to cover the median cost of tuition.

Democratic state Senator Bert Johnson says he thinks Governor Rick Snyder would support the idea of creating a more highly skilled workforce in the state.

"I would think that the governor - particular since his focus has been on jobs and job-creation - that he would understand the wisdom of this and would want to see it done," he says.

The proposal would eliminate billions of dollars in tax breaks to fund the grant program. A spokeswoman for the Senate Republicans says they are open discussing the proposal, but are cognizant of the cost to implement such a big plan.