Senate could pursue cyber-bullying rules

LANSING, MI – Some lawmakers at the state Capitol say they would like to work in 2012 to provide some legal protections to K-12 students from cyber-bullying.

Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer says the Legislature should approve a measure that would require all school districts to prohibit bullying via home computers and personal cell phones. She says bullying on the internet is a fast-growing problem.

"We've seen some cases nationwide that just turn your stomach about what kids, but also what parents, what affected adults will do in order to torment a student, and we've got to take action to update our laws," Whitmer says.

Governor Rick Snyder said when he signed the state's new anti-bullying law that he would like the Legislature to also look into more protections against cyber bullying. Republican lawmakers say they would like to make sure all kids are protected all the time, but regulating what kids do at home could be tricky.