Senate approves transition EM bill


The state Senate has approved a measure that could eventually become a back-up plan if the state's new emergency manager law is overturned by voters or by a court ruling. Michigan Public Radio's Laura Weber has more.

Right now the bill simply would allow state officials to appoint a transition team in a local government that has an emergency manager that is leaving. Those who support the measure say it is important not to abandon cities and school districts that are working toward financial stability. The bill could also serve as a vehicle to offer up a replacement to the emergency manager law if the law is stalled by a referendum or overturned by a court.

Democratic state Senator Colman Young says the GOP is attempting to subvert the will of voters.

"My colleagues on the other side of the aisle pay lip service to respecting the will of the voters. But this bill says, The will of the voters be damned.'"

The Legislature will not revisit the emergency manager law before January when they return from a month-long winter break.