Senate approves temporary budget as deadline draws closer

Lansing, MI – The Legislature is expected to work into the weekend to try and wrap up the state budget. At the same time, lawmakers are making emergency plans in case they can't reach a deal before the October first.

State Senate Republicans muscled through a 30-day interim budget that includes the big cuts they want to part of a final budget deal that does not raise taxes.

Senate Democratic Leader Mike Prusi says it's not fair to force schools to cut spending almost three months into their fiscal years with no budget deal in sight. He says the Legislature should accept the fact that new taxes are needed to balance the budget and finish the job before Wednesday's deadline, "We can do our work without having to worry about going to Halloween to get a budget passed here."

The state House would also have to adopt an interim budget. Governor Granholm has said a temporary budget would be better than a state government shutdown, but her office would not say if she'd sign a plan with big cuts to schools and health care.