Second wave of storms hit Texas; Evacuations urged in Dallas

A second wave of thunderstorms has swept through north-central Texas. A powerful system ripped shingles from roofs, knocked down trees and left hundreds of thousands in the dark.
In west Dallas, reverse 911 calls and firefighters moving door-to-door are urging more than 5,000 households to evacuate because of flooding concerns.

The earlier system broke up by mid-afternoon Thursday after unleashing more than 8 inches of rain in parts of Dallas. The storms canceled some 400 flights at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

In Fort Worth, the storms battered the marina at Eagle Mountain Lake, causing millions of dollars worth of damage. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the weather damaged the roof, smashed docks and flipped boats upside down.

The storms are trailed by more severe weather that has downed trees and power lines and knocked out phone systems.