Second round for Michigan RTTT application begins


Officials at the state Department of Education say they have started the process to put together a second application for federal Race To The Top money. Michigan lost out in the running for the first round.

Tennessee and Delaware made it to the top in the Race To The Top school-reforms competition. One of the key reasons those states were favored by the federal government was support from teachers unions.

The Michigan Education Association did not support the state's first application. Doug Pratt is with the MEA. He says states that won the money had a long-standing, working relationship with their teachers unions. He says Michigan's application process was too hasty.

"Collaboration isn't just being at the same table, it's actually listening and making changes based on constructive criticism," he says. "And that didn't happen."

The second application is due on June 1. Department officials say they are working with the MEA to strengthen that application.