Schuette: RTW Will Survive Court Challenge, Applies To Civil Service Workers

Dec 13, 2012

State Attorney General Bill Schuette says Michigan’s new right-to-work law will survive the almost-certain court challenges by unions opposed to it.  

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Opponents might base a challenge on how the law has different rules for different types of unions. The law allows public or private sector employees in unionized workplaces to opt out of paying union dues and fees. But it has exceptions for police and firefighter unions.

Attorney General Schuette says he expects the challenges, although he doesn’t know when the lawsuits will be filed.

“But, you know, we’ll be prepared,” he says.

Schuette says the carve-out for police and firefighter unions is perfectly legal. And he says the law does apply to the state’s 35,000 civil service employees. The Michigan Constitution says those employees are governed by the state Civil Service Commission – not acts of the Legislature.