Schuette Orders Audit of Blue Cross Assets

Sep 27, 2012

Hearings continued Thursday at the state Capitol on the future of Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan.

Attorney General Bill Schuette showed up to urge a cautious approach to overhauling the state’s largest health insurer.

The attorney general would give up a considerable amount of oversight under the plan proposed by Governor Rick Snyder. It would convert Blue Cross from a tax-exempt charity to a member-owned not-for-profit company. Bill Schuette says he wants Blue Cross and its assets audited to make sure this is a fair deal for Michiganders.

Schuette says he’s not out to stop the changes.

“All I’m doing is raising some cautionary flags for people to think about to make sure this is done right, and that’s my job as attorney general,” he says.

Governor Snyder and Blue Cross executives want the switch done by the end of the year. They say the changes are needed because the new federal health care law will change the mission of the Blues.