Schuette Charges Four McCotter Staffers with Fraud

Aug 9, 2012

The Michigan Attorney General has charged four people with conspiring to commit election fraud.

They were staffers to former suburban Detroit Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, who resigned last month.

McCotter was a five-term Republican incumbent from suburban Detroit.

He failed to make the ballot this year after state elections officials found all kinds of problems with the petition signatures meant to get him on the ballot.

Now, those “problems” have turned into four McCotter staffers facing criminal charges for what Michigan Asttorney General Bill Schuette calls “blatant attempts to commit election fraud.”

Schuette says he didn’t charge McCotter because there’s no direct evidence he knew what his staff was up to. 

But Schuette says there IS evidence this isn’t the first time McCotter’s staffers pulled these stunts.

“We have some evidence that there were dummied-up petitions from ’06 used in ’08,” he says.

Schuette says if evidence of McCotter’s involvement surfaces, he won’t hesitate to charge him.