School Aid Fund proposals revisit 20j funding

Lansing, MI – Six school districts that used to be among the highest spending in the state are now receiving less than what is supposed to be the minimum in state funding. That's because Governor Granholm cut the extra funding for more than 30 school districts last year.


There are a couple legislative proposals to help the districts that were hit the hardest in budget negotiations last year.

Pamela Swert is superintendent of Clarenceville School District, which saw a cut of almost $500 per pupil. She says the news that there could be a surplus in the school aid fund- isn't necessarily good news. She knows there's a good chance that money will get moved around to other areas of the state budget.

"It's just a horrendous thought that we don't care enough about K-12 education that we will continue to provide the dollars that we've promised to public education," Swert says.

Swert says her district has to plan for the worst in the coming year, by considering layoffs, increasing class sizes and eliminating programs.