Schauer says Michigan delegation is united on Cash for Clunkers funding

Washington, D.C. – WASHINGTON (WKAR) - The Michigan congressional delegation met with the Obama administration today to talk about keeping the federal "Cash for Clunkers" program alive. The meeting came as the U.S. House prepared to approve more funding to keep it going. WKAR's Kevin Lavery reports.


Democratic congressman Mark Schauer says the White House has agreed to continue Cash for Clunkers on a day to day basis. The $950 million program ran out of money after only a week. Schauer says there's strong bipartisan support among his Michigan colleagues for a House bill that would pump another $2 billion into the program.

"Because this would fall under what's called a suspension, needing a two-thirds vote," Schauer says. "So, to me, this is important not just for dealers, but for our car companies and auto suppliers who build parts for those cars, so we've got to keep this going."

The House was scheduled to vote on the funding today, before it leaves on its August recess. Schauer says any bill will likely face a tougher challenge in the Senate.