Ruth Johnson: Citizenship Question Will Not Be on November Ballot Applications

Oct 10, 2012

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson says she will not contest a federal judge’s ruling that a citizenship question may not be on the ballot applications people will fill out at the polls in November.

“It’s too close to the election to keep up this fight," he says. "We need to make sure that we have everything in place so that we have a very smooth election, so that question we’re telling them not to put on their request form.”

Johnson ordered the citizenship check box to remain on ballot applications even after Governor Rick Snyder vetoed a bill to require it. No one could be denied a ballot for refusing to check the box, but Johnson said it was a useful reminder that only U.S. citizens can vote in the November election.

Johnson says no decision has been made about future elections, and she will also continue to press the federal government for citizenship records to help clear the rolls of ineligible voters.