Romney Attacks Obama in Michigan Appearances

Jun 19, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney toured Michigan Tuesday with stops in Frankenmuth, DeWitt, and Holland.

Romney says he is working hard to win the state where he was born and break a five-election trend for Republican presidential nominees.

Romney’s stops focused on small businesses in small towns that he says are suffering under economic doldrums brought about by President Obama performance in office. Romney took aim at energy policy, the new health care law, and enforcing trade rules as places where the president has under-performed.

In Frankenmuth, Romney also acknowledged that Michigan’s economy has improved, but he says that has more to do with Governor Rick Snyder and Republicans in Lansing.

“And what we need is to  have someone in Washington to do in Washington what’s being done in Michigan and I will,” he said.

Michigan’s automotive rebound is given a lot of credit for the state’s recovery. Romney opposed federal assistance for GM and Chrysler.

Romney was also met on his tour by protesters waving signs, but they were kept at a distance.