Review team: financial emergency in Highland Park schools


The Highland Park School District may soon have an emergency manager appointed by the state to oversee its finances. A state review team recommended Governor Rick Snyder appoint an emergency manager to run the troubled district. Michigan Public Radio's Laura Weber has more.

Governor Snyder has a week and a half to decide whether to appoint an emergency manager to oversee Highland Park schools. The district would have a chance to appeal that decision. But Superintendent Edith Hightower says there are currently no plans to appeal.

"It is what it is," she says. "I mean you cannot -it's in black and white. We have a financial stress right now."

Hightower says she's focused on providing the best possible educational opportunities for kids in the southeast Michigan community.

If Highland Park schools end up with an emergency manager, the district would join Detroit Public Schools as the only school districts with state-appointed officials overseeing their finances.