Residents voice concerns over Lansing schools budget

Lansing, MI – Lansing residents turned out in force for a public hearing Thursday night on proposed cuts to the school budget.


The Lansing school district is in the final stages of another stressful budget process. So far, the plan calls for more than $16 million in cuts, including reductions in administrative staff and laying off about 70 teachers.

Spending on athletic programs would be reduced by $90,000. That would eliminate funding for the cheerleading team at Everett High School.

"I am very hopeful that the funding will be restored or whatever it takes, we're wililng to do," says Everett cheerleading coach Becky Joyner. "If we need to fundraise, we're willing to do that. Whatever we can do to make this decision easier on the board, as well as the financial weight on the school. We're willing to do whatever to keep our program."

The district will see some savings from early retirement incentives offered by the state. About 151 district employees plan to retire. The school board will make a final decision on the budget next week.