Report recommends factory insurance to stop urban blight

Jul 1, 2013




Dr. Rex LaMore, the report's lead author, says abandoned industrial buildings are a major health and safety concern for nearby communities.
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Michigan State University researchers are getting attention with a proposed remedy for urban blight. For some years, the city of Lansing and Lansing Township have struggled with abandoned auto plants.  


According to an MSU report by the Center for Community and Economic Development, there are 135 abandoned car plants nationwide, casualties of America’s manufacturing slump and the ‘Great Recession.’   Often, they include acres of polluted land and asphalt that become unproductive eyesores that are difficult to re-purpose.

The report recommends mandatory insurance for automakers and other manufacturers to cover the costs of tearing down unused factories and buildings.  The report's lead author, Dr. Rex LaMore, discusses his findings.