Remembering Mandela's connection to state, MSU

Dec 6, 2013

Shortly after he was released from prison, Nelson Mandela wore Detroit Pistons gear during a visit to Detroit.
Credit Flickr - jkeysmusic

Nelson Mandela died yesterday at the age of 95.  For the anti-apartheid leader, Michigan was a special place.

Michigan was a national leader when it came to the anti-apartheid movement. It was the first state to divest from South Africa. And the late Michigan Congressman Howard Wolpe led the national effort to impose sanctions on the white-minority government in the mid 80s.

Current State's Joe Linstroth spoke with Kurt Dewhurst, director of arts and culture initiatives at MSU. He led the university’s collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Museum in South Africa, where he’s spent extensive time.

Dewhurst says the movement to divest in South Africa started on the MSU campus back in the late 70s.